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Pawn Shop Hallandale FL

Let me explain why you should see our pawn shop hallandale fl, Hallandale, Florida has one of the fastest growing populations in Florida. Why is Hallandale growing so quickly? Easy. Tourists love it so much…they stay! Residents are spoiled by gorgeous beaches, thrilling nightlife, and good times with family shopping at the Diplomat Plaza. They also enjoy betting their cash at The Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach and the Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino. Hallandale has a number of banks and brokerage houses in it’s financial district as well.

Gold, Diamonds, Watches…

Which leads us to the topic of loans. Did you know you could ‘pawn’ one of your valuables for fast cash at our pawn shop? We are Affordable Jewelry and Loan and we’re ready to loan money to Hallandale residents like you against anything of value. We are a modern pawn shop where everyday people like you enjoy browsing for fine jewelry, electronics and other items of value for gifts. From  gold watches to diamond rings, if it is a quality piece, you’ll find it our our pawn shop located right across from the Mardi Gras Casino at 1925 Pembroke Rd. in Hollywood.

Need a Cash Loan?

Here is an example of how it works. Say for instance if you bring us your diamond ring and you want a loan of $5,000 against the value of your ring. We will consider giving you that loan at the rate of 5%. This means you must pay us $250 per month interest against that loan each month until you pay back the principal, at which point we would give you back your diamond ring. A 5% rate is extremely competitive ( most other pawn shops charge 10% of more ) These are low interest rate loans.

Pawn Shop? Try Us, You’ll Like Us!

Perhaps you may never have been in a pawn shop…but try to have an open mind. Pawn Shops are highly regulated by Federal and state regulations. So drop by Affordable Jewelry and Loan and see why Hallandale residents ‘in the know’ come to us for amazing deals on unique gifts (or for cash loans). We are located just across the street from Mardi Gras Casino. Call (954) 920-6866 to learn more or click here.

 Pawn Shop Hallandale FL near Mardi Gras Casino