Short Term Loan | Need Cash for Jewelry | Hollywood | Mirimar | FL
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Short Term Loans in Hollywood, Florida


Need Quick Cash?


If you have a jewelry box or drawers with some gold, silver and diamond jewelry pieces lying around gathering dust, you may want to consider visiting Affordable Jewelry and Loan in Hollywood, Florida to find out about our short term loans.

Call Affordable Jewelry and Loan at (954) 920-6866 or email us to find out more!

We offer you a simple, fast, convenient and confidential way to borrow money. Your short term cash needs can be satisfied with no credit check or legal consequences if for some reason the loan is not repaid.

How Much Can We Loan You?


There is no limit to your potential short term loan. We look at the following factors when making our determination:

  • Value of the item ( Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Electronics )
  • Demand for the item
  • Condition of the item

We loan TOP DOLLAR in the Hollywood area for your valuables.

TIP – When going through your jewelry for a short term loan, look for jewelry stamped with a ”750,” “750/1000,” “PT,” or “18k.” These markings indicate that your items may be more valuable and will fetch the highest amount for your short term loan.

Haven’t considered going to a pawn shop for a short term loan? Why not? Our pawnshop is regulated by 14 federal statutes and regulations, in addition to many Florida state and City of Hollywood laws, so you know you are protected. Have questions / need directions? Call us

At (954) 920-6866. or email us. We serve Hollywood, Hallandale, Pembroke Pines, Dania Beach and surrounding cities.